Save on Taxes

Dear Friends of St. Bernard,

Merry Christmas! Bless you for your dedication to what we do here at St. Bernard.

Our school is able to educate students because of your generosity, and the Scholarships for Kids scholarship granting organization makes that generosity simple, effective and at no cost to you.

Many of you have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past. Any person who files an ALABAMA income tax return can take advantage of the state-allowed program that supports students, allowing them to attend St. Bernard Prep. We currently have 35 students who receive Tax Credit Scholarships, so supporting this program is very important to us all of us.

Here’s how it works:

Scholarships for Kids uses a portion of your State of Alabama tax liability (what you owe the State of Alabama in taxes) to provide tuition assistance to students who demonstrate a financial need. You’re not just giving a scholarship, you’re getting a tax credit. By redirecting all or a portion of your tax liability to Scholarships for Kids, you reduce the total amount of your tax bill by 100% and you send those dollars to support students seeking a fine education.

This is a DOLLAR for DOLLAR TAX CREDIT, not a deduction. This means in the end, it costs the donor $0 to make this donation, and if a business makes a donation they will actually come out ahead. The business information can be found here: .

Individuals can redirect up to 100% of their Alabama state tax liability. The annual maximum tax credit available on an individual tax return is $100,000.

Corporate contributors can redirect up to 100% of their TOTAL tax liability, and there is no maximum limit for the tax credit.

To register your tax credit contribution – must be done by December 31, 2023:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Report a Donation to an SGO”.
  • Choose SCHOLARSHIPS FOR KIDS. Enter your donation amount.
  • When you make the donation, thanks for including a note or write on your check that you are affiliated with St. Bernard Preparatory School. St. Bernard will receive credit for your donation.
  • Mail your check:
    P.O. BOX 10204
    BIRMINGHAM, AL 35202

You will receive confirmation of donation from the Alabama Department of Revenue.

All donation “reservations” must be recorded on the State of Alabama website by December 31 and the donor has 30 days from when they make the reservation to get the check to S4K’s office.

For more information about Scholarships for Kids, contact Stephen Bridgers at 205-246-5613 or

The guide below will be of help as well:

Guide for individuals and businesses: download the 2022 GUIDE

Also, here is a link to the donor page on their website:

Again, bless you for your goodness to St. Bernard.


Fr. Joel