Tuition & Financial Aid

St. Bernard encourages families of all income levels to apply for acceptance to the school. The school believes that all students deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality education. Each year St. Bernard awards over $500,000 in tuition forgiveness to qualifying students. For those families that qualify, St. Bernard may potentially be able to assist with up to 70% of total school expense. Financial need is evaluated by an outside third party organization known as TADS and is handled on a case by case basis. St. Bernard will not arrange a tuition agreement with any family or individual prior to the completion of a TADS application. Students who are awarded aid are required to maintain an 80 or above total semester GPA in the 5 core classes – plus foreign language, if one is taken. In addition to offering tuition forgiveness St. Bernard accepts students enrolled in the Scholarships for Kids program, an independent scholarship granting organization approved by the State of Alabama. To learn about eligibility and other requirements for financial assistance please contact the Business Office at 256-255-5830 or via email at


Please contact and submit your financial aid information at Tads. Use the St. Bernard School Code: 905059. You will be asked if your child has been accepted to St. Bernard (you may reply “yes” even though official acceptance has not been granted). St. Bernard will be notified that you have completed the application and will receive a report indicating your family’s qualification. This may take up to 14 days.


Facts tuition management can be found here:

Tuition Sheets

2021-2022 Domestic Student Rates

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 7-8)

DAY STUDENT:  $7,180.00
5 Day Boarding:  $24,060.00
7 Day Boarding: $28,180.00


UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 9-12)

DAY STUDENT $11,170.00
5 Day Boarding:  $28,050.00
7 Day Boarding:  $32,170.00


Boarding Students

Dorms are closed for holidays of one week or more: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.


5 Day Boarding Students will be charged $50 per night when they remain on campus over a weekend, EXCEPT when a student stays for an approved school event that takes place on a Saturday: in this case the student will be charged $25 for Friday Night IF they leave campus by noon on Saturday.  If the student chooses to stay both nights of the weekend the normal charge of $50 per night will be billed.



Type of Payment Payment Due Date
Single Full Payment Paid at St. Bernard Prep School July 25, 2021
Installment Payments thru FACTS (2 or 10 installments) Set up by June 28, 2021
*2 installments in July and December, 10 installments beginning in July with the last payment due in April


Financial Aid may be available.  All Grants are based on financial need: financial need is determined by an outside agency, TADS.  Please submit your application for financial aid using the link for TADS on our school website.  Deadline to apply for Financial Aid is April 30, 2021.


Fr. Linus Klucsarits, Admissions Director or 256-255-5890
Stacey Price, Business Manager or 256-255-5830

2021-2022 International Student Rates

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 7-8)

Tuition and Boarding $42,110.00


UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 9-12)

Tuition and boarding: $46,100.00

Boarding Students

Dorms are closed for holidays of one week or more: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.  Students who remain in the country typically visit with friends during those holidays.  The School will work with parents if arrangements for holidays are a difficulty.


The International Boarding/Tuition fee covers one academic year (2 semesters, August –May) and includes all regular costs as follows:  Tuition, room and board, textbooks, lab usage, and miscellaneous classroom materials. Regular U.S. transportation to/from airports and test sites is also included.


The Yearly Expense Deposit will be held in an account for your student.  This money is on deposit to cover expenses incurred by your student including but not limited to:  damage to dorm room, lost keys, health insurance, and extra boarding fees for holiday breaks.  Any balance remaining at the time of graduation will be refunded to you.  At the beginning of each school year we will require a deposit be made to the account to bring the balance back to $2,000.00.  This account is not to be used for personal travel charges, incidental personal expenses, or school uniforms/supplies.


School Uniforms should be purchased from Educational Outfitters. Please see the uniform requirements listed on our school web site. (Student spending accounts, for incidental expenses, may be set up with our Business Office. Please contact Stacey Price if you wish to set up an account for your student. We do not recommend that boarding students keep more than $50 cash in their room.)


Medical Insurance coverage is required for all SBP students.  SBP will acquire a medical insurance plan for all international students, and will deduct the premium payment from your Expense Deposit account.



Type of Payment (all amounts in USD) Payment Due Date
$1,000.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Due prior to I-20 being issued.
Balance of Tuition/Board July 25, 2021
$2,000.00 Yearly Expense Deposit July 25, 2021


Fr. Linus Klucsarits, Admissions Director or 256-255-5890
Stacey Price, Business Manager or 256-255-5830