St. Bernard Preparatory School believes a good education requires discipline of the body as well as the mind, and provides a program of interscholastic athletic activities for boys and girls. As a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Association, St. Bernard Prep competes with public and private schools in cross country, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, and other sports as students’ interest and abilities allow.

2017 Cross Country Season results available here.


AHSAA Concussion Information 18-19

AHSAA Participant Consent 18-19

AHSAA Physical 18-19

For a schedule of upcoming games, click on a tab below:


2/20/18BelgreenBelgreenV, JV4:00pm
2/22/18Brindlee Mtn.SBPV, JV3:30pm
2/26/18Lindsay LaneLindsay LaneV, JVcancelled
2/27/18Lindsay LaneLindsay LaneV, JV300pm
3/2/18Brindlee Mtn.Brindlee Mtn.V, JVmoved
3/5/18Holly PondHolly PondV, JV4:00pm
3/8/18Jefferson ChristianSBPV, JV3:30pm
3/12/18Falkville*SBPV, JV3:30pm
3/13/18Falkville*FalkvilleV, JV4:00pm
3/19/18AddisonAddidonV, JV4:30pm
3/22/18SkylineSkylineV, JV3:30pm
3/24/18Brindlee Mtn.SBPV, JV4:00pm
4/2/18Winston Co.*SBPV, JV2:00pm
4/3/18Winston Co.*Winston Co.V, JV4:00pm
4/9/18Cold Springs*SBPV, JV4:00pm
4/10/18Cold Springs*Cold SpringsV, JV4:00pm
4/12/18Holly PondSBPV, JV4:00pm
4/17/18Lindsay LaneSBPV, JV4:00pm
4/19/18SkylineSBPV, JV4:00pm


11/07/17Athens BibleAthens BibleVG, JVB, VB5:00pm
11/09/17SoutheasternSBPMSG, MSB, JVB, VG, VB3:30pm
11/13/17JB PenningtonSBPJVB, VG, VB5:00pm
11/16/17AppalachianAppalachianJVB, VG, VB5:00pm
11/28/17Falkville*SBPJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
12/01/17Winston Co.*SBPJVB, VG, VB5:00pm
12/04/17AddisonSBPJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
12/07/17VinemontSBPJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
12/12/17Falkville*FalkvilleJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
12/15/17AppalachianSBPJVB, VG, VB2:00pm
12/16/17JB PenningtonJB PenningtonJVB, VG, VB3:00pm
12/21-22/17Christmas Tournament
1/09/18Cold Springs*SBPJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
1/11/18VinemontVinemontJVB, VG, VB5:00pm
1/12/18Whitesburg ChristianSBPJVB, VG, VBCANCELLED
1/16/18Cold Springs*Cold SpringsJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
1/23/18Athens BibleSBPJVB, VG, VB5:00pm
1/25/18Winston Co.*Winston Co.JVB, VG, VB5:00pm
1/26/18Whitesburg ChristianSBPJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
1/30/18Whitesburg ChristianWhitesburg ChristianJVB, VG, VB4:00pm
2/01/18SoutheasternSoutheasternVG, VB4:30pm
2/02/18AddisonAddisonJVB, VG, VB4:30pm


Cross Country

08/25/18Pepsi ChallengeLawrence Co. High8:30am
09/08/18Bearcat 2 MileCullman High School8:00am
09/15/18Fairview InvitationalFairview Town Park9:00am
09/18/18 (Tuesday)Randolph ClassicUAH Campus3:15pm
09/29/18Arab InvitationalArab City Park8:50am
10/06/18Jesse Owens ClassicOakville Indian Mounds8:20am
10/09/18 (Tuesday)Fairview - Hay of RunFairview Town Park4:00pm
10/16/18 (Tuesday)Athens Bible InviteAthens Sports Complex3:45pm
10/20/18Oktoberfest InvitationalSt. Bernard8:45am
11/1/18 (Thursday)3A Section 3 MeetFairview Town ParkTBA
11/10/18AHSAA State MeetOakville Indian Mounds8:30am

2017 Varsity Cross Country Boys
2017 JV Cross Country Boys
2017 Varsity Cross Country Girls
2017 JV Cross Country Girls


2/15/18BrewerBrewerVG, JVBcancelled
2/20/18Decatur Heritage*Decatur HeritageVG5:00pm
2/23/18BrewerBrewerVG, VB5:00pm
2/23/18Cullman TournamentCullmanJVBTBA
2/24/18Cullman TournamentCullmanJVBTBA
2/26/18FairviewFairviewJVB, VG, VBCANCELLED
3/1/18Whitesburg*SBPVG, VB5:00pm
3/6/18New Hope*New HopeVG ,VB5:00pm
3/9/18BrewerSBPVG, VB5:00pm
3/12/18BrewerBrewerJVB, VG, VB4:30pm
3/13/18Sylvania*SylvaniaVG, VB5:00pm
3/16/18Whitesburg*Field 5 at Merrimack Sports Park
3501 Triana Blvd
Huntsville, AL 35805
VG, VB5:30pm
3/20/18Tanner*TannerVG, VB5:00pm
3/22/18Holly PondHolly PondVG, VB5:00pm
4/3/18JB PenningtonJB PenningtonVG, VB5:00pm
4/5/18Decatur Heritage*SBPVG5:00pm
4/5/18JB PenningtonSBPVB7:00pm
4/9/18New Hope*SBPVG, VB5:00pm
4/12/18Whitesburg*SBPVG, VB4:30pm
4/13/18Holly PondSBPVB5:00pm
4/17/18Sylvania*SBPVG, VB5:00pm
4/19/18West PointSBPVG, VB5:00pm
4/24/18Tanner*SBPVG, VB5:00pm




2/26/18Athens BibleAthens HS CourtsVG4:00pm
3/5/18Decatur HeritageSBPVG, VBCANCELLED
3/6/18Whitesburg ChristianOld Grissom HSVG, VB4:00pm
3/8/18Lindsay LaneSBPVG4:00pm
3/12/18Westbrook ChristianGadsden Country ClubVG, VB3:30pm
3/14/18Decatur HeritageGadsden Country ClubVG, VB4:30pm
3/19/18PlainviewSBPVG, VB3:30pm
3/22/18SylvaniaAlbertville CourtsVG, VB4:00pm
4/16-4/17/18SectionalsPoint Mallard, DecaturVG, VBTBA

Track & Field

3/2/18Aggie Relays Albertville
3/6/18Albertville JV Meet Albertville
3/13/18Cullman JH MeetCullman
3/17/18Cullman InvitationalCullman
3/20/18Corner MeetCorner
3/22/18Muscle Shoals InviteMuscle Shoals
4/3/18Cullman JV Meet #2Cullman
4/7/18Bob Jones InviteMadison
4/10/18Corner MeetCorner
4/27/18-4/28/182A Sectional MeetCorner
5/4/18-5/5/181A-3A State MeetCullman


08/30/18Cold SpringsHomeJV, V4:30pm
09/10/18Lindsay Lane
HomeJV, V4:00pm
09/11/18Athens Bible*AwayMS, V4:30pm
09/13/18R.A. Hubbard*HomeJV, V4:30pm
09/15/18SBP TournamentHome
09/17/18Jefferson ChristianHomeJV, V4:30pm
09/18/18WhitesburgAwayJV, V4:30pm
09/20/18Cold SpringsAwayJV, V4:30pm
09/24/18R.A. HubbardHomeJV, V4:30pm
Cold Springs
09/27/18Falkville*HomeJV, V4:30pm
10/4/18WhitesburgHomeJV, V4:30pm
10/11/18Athens Bible*HomeJV, V4:30pm
10/13/18Cold Springs Tournament
10/18/18Jefferson ChristianAwayJV, V4:30pm
10/23-24Area Tournament
10/26-28Super Regionals
11/1-2State Tournament
*Denotes area matches

2017 Varsity Volleyball
2017 Junior Varsity Volleyball