KCBS Rules

Bernard Blues and Backyard Cookoff – Cullman, AL

Sanctioned by Kansas City Barbeque Society 
September 9, 2023 

Rules & Information: 

Entry fee $150.00 

Registration at www.stbernardprep.com 


Friday afternoon set up is allowed: 

Set-up cooking area will be open on Friday, September 8,  2023, between 3-6pm Cookers will set up and Security will be provided in the festival and cooking area overnight, but you are responsible for your own property. 

Teams are responsible for providing all tents, tables, chairs and other equipment needed in the cooking area.  Space size is 10 X 20.  If you require additional space, please contact event coordinator. 

Quiet generators are allowed in the cook area. No Power provided.  Hand was stations will be provided in the cookoff area.  Water is available but feel free to bring your own. 


Saturday arrival and vehicle parking: 

Teams can enter at 6 am and must have cooking area set-up by 8 am. 

After you set up your cooking site on Saturday morning, all vehicles must park OUTSIDE the cooking/festival area.   

Vehicles are not allowed back in the cook area until after awards on Saturday.   The event runs until 4 pm.   


Security and Safety: 

Cullman Police officers will provide security Friday night for festival vendors and teams, but you are responsible for any equipment left on site.   

The Cullman Fire Department will be present to handle any potential fire hazard 

during the event.  You are required to have a “K” fire extinguisher. 


Competition Rules: 

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, cooks shall report at 8:00 a.m. to the Judges area  

for a cooks meeting to briefly discuss rules, answer questions, and pick up turn-in trays.    Trays will be approximately 9” x 9”. 

Each team is required to cook chicken, and St. Louis style pork ribs. Meats do not have to be in the original packaging and may be trimmed prior to meat inspection, but no meat may be seasoned, injected or cooked, prior to the inspection.  

KCBS judges evaluate barbeque in three different criteria:  appearance, taste and tenderness. 

You can begin seasoning and cooking your meat at any time after meat has been inspected.  Cook teams provide all seasonings and “special” ingredients.  Cook teams may use any type of fuel designed for grills or smokers.   

Please handle food in a sanitary manner using cooking utensils and gloves that you bring.   



Place at least six pieces of meat in your turn-in box.   

Deliver your turn-in to the judges area at the cafeteria before 12:00 pm for chicken.     

Ribs turn bbq in time is before 12:30 p.m.