Educational Foundation

The St. Bernard Education Foundation is a separately incorporated entity that provides an endowment that supports the educational ministry of St. Bernard Prep School.  The Foundation is tax exempt by the United States Tax Code; hence, all contributions are tax deductible.

Currently, there are three types of scholarships in the Foundation.  Foundation Scholarships are applied to the general needs of St. Bernard Preparatory School.  Student Scholarships provide funds for the tuition/room-and-board of students in financial need.  A “Named Scholarship” is one that has been established as a memorial for a particular person or family.  A fully funded named scholarship is $50,000.

Faculty Chair Scholarships perpetuate the highest standards in teaching and supports departmental programs.  These too can be named in a person’s honor or memory.  The goal of a fully funded Named Faculty Chair Foundation Scholarship is $100,000.

 St. Bernard recognizes the generosity of those who participate in these programs.


Fully Funded Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships
Mr. Lee. J Bruno Scholarship
Fr. Paschal Ferlisi, O.S.B. Scholarship
1st Lt. Ray Frank Long Scholarship
Mrs. Avis Norman and Cindy Norman-Hines Scholarship
Mr. Dennis Michael Aloysius Natter Scholarship
Catherine C. and Joe W. Voss Scholarship


Student Scholarships

Dr. & Mrs. T.F. Berberovich Scholarship
Abbot Hilary Dreaper, OSB Scholarship
Dr. J. Garber Galbraith Scholarship
Kathryn Elizabeth Lyons Scholarship
Fr. Charles Reiner, OSB Scholarship

Partially Funded Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships

Mr. Marion F. Frye Scholarship

Student Scholarships

Mr. Thomas B. Dowd
Fr. Luke Fazi, O.S.B. Scholarship
Mr. Bruno Masotti Scholarship
Coach Charles W. and Ruth K. Richard Scholarship
Mr. Jack Turbitt Scholarship

For more information contact:  Fr. Marcus Voss, OSB