Educational Foundation

The St. Bernard Preparatory School Educational Foundation was founded to support the ongoing educational activities of St. Bernard Preparatory School. Incorporated in 1998, it was established as a 501(c)3 according to the Internal Revenue Code and all donations make to the Foundation are tax deductible.


The Foundation makes it possible for deserving students in financial need to attend St. Bernard Preparatory School. These need-based scholarships are awarded annually and require that the recipient meets both the academic and behavioral standards of the school. Students who receive these scholarships are encouraged to participate in athletic and other extracurricular activities.


A donation of any amount may be made to the Foundation. These funds are entered into the general account of the Foundation. A Named Scholarship recognizes a donor and is established with a gift of $50,000. When the scholarship is awarded, it carries the name of the donor. A Faculty Chair Scholarship is established with a donation of $100,000 and also carries the name of the donor. This scholarship supports faculty enrichment. Both Named Scholarships and Faculty Chair Scholarships may be paid over time.


St. Bernard Preparatory School helps provide a framework of values and discipline that encourages its students to achieve success in and outside the classroom. Donations made to the St. Bernard Preparatory School Educational Foundation help secure the financial future of this most important educational ministry.