The Clairvaux Society

Craft your legacy to last beyond a lifetime.

St. Bernard’s Clairvaux Society is one of the most prestigious organizations of St. Bernard. Established in 2010 and named after St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the famous eleventh-century French abbot and doctor of the Church, the Society honors our donors of any age who remember St. Bernard through wills, planned gifts, and estate plans of any size.

Gifts generated through the Clairvaux Society are and will be maintained in an endowment. Donors have the opportunity to approach planned giving in a variety of ways that provide benefits to St. Bernard as well as your estate and family. Only the proceeds of the endowment are utilized for the needs of St. Bernard Abbey and Preparatory School.

Members of the Society are invited to St. Bernard annually to attend the Clairvaux Society Members Dinner at which new members that have joined the Society are inducted. This annual celebration gives the St. Bernard community to opportunity to appropriately honor and thank Society members for their visionary leadership, philanthropy, and generosity to St. Bernard.

St. Bernard always recommends consulting with your tax advisor before making any charitable gift. Individuals or organizations that desire to become members are asked to complete a membership form.

For questions or to learn more about the Clairvaux Society, contact the office at (256)739-6682. All inquiries remain confidential.

Clairvaux Society of St. Bernard

Application for Membership

Inspiring the benefactors of St. Bernard to preserve the past, honor the present, and secure the future.

Bequest Intention

A bequest in your will or Trust is a simple, thoughtful, and generous way through which you can support St. Bernard Preparatory School and St. Bernard Abbey. To include St. Bernard as a beneficiary in your estate plans, please complete this bequest intention form. This is not a legal document. It is a way to track future bequests to St. Bernard.

To apply for Clairvaux Society membership via mail, click below to edit, print, and mail your application:

Clairvaux Society Membership Form