Campaign for St. Bernard

The Campaign for St. Bernard opened January 2013 and concluded January 2018.  Because of the generous response of our alumni and benefactors, the campaign exceeded its $5.2M goal, receiving pledges amounting to $5.9M.  Since donors had five years to complete their pledges, some payments are still being made to the campaign.   Payments for members of the 333 Club are included as part of the Campaign for St. Bernard.

The campaign resulted in the following:  complete renovation of the Heidrich Library and Liberal Arts Center, a repurposed Abbey hay barn into a theater and reception hall, new fences, asphalt parking lot and road on Abbey farm, new entry doors for the St. Bernard Abbey Church, new equipment for the Abbey carpenter shop, new garage for Abbey cars, new HVAC and roof for main school building, restoration of the school science labs, installation of campus-wide WiFi system, restoration of tennis courts, new equipment for Track and Field sports, upgrades for gymnasium equipment, architectural Landscape Plan for the Campus, and  additions to the St. Bernard Prep School Scholarship Endowment.

St. Bernard is grateful to the many donors who have completed their pledges and to those who are currently completing the pledges.   Your support has made St. Bernard a better place.