Autumn Appeal

Calling on Our Supporters for Help

Autumn has arrived and the happy sounds of our students echo through our buildings and across our campus.

The good Lord has blessed us with an enrollment of 127 students this year, including 27 boarders.

We are grateful for the generous support you and many others have provided over the years.  Many of you have already purchased tickets for the Bernard Blues and Barbeque Festival and others have entrusted your children and grandchildren to our care.  Please know, we are grateful for your generosity, and we ask your continued support during our Autumn Appeal.

Our greatest need is found with many of our talented students.  Their families have fallen on difficult times and these children and their families are struggling financially and thus are having difficulty managing tuition.  This challenge has placed enormous pressure on our internal finances as we attempt to serve and provide assistance while at the same time balancing the fiscal needs of St. Bernard Preparatory School.

Your generosity will allow us to serve and our families who are in economic hard times to enroll their children at St. Bernard Preparatory School.  You are our backbone and you play a tremendous role in the financial wellbeing of St. Bernard.  We are most grateful for your support.

Know that when the monks gather in the Abbey Church to pray, you are being remembered.