Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is sponsored each year by the Development Office of St. Bernard Abbey and St. Bernard Preparatory School. Donors, who make contributions to this appeal, directly affect the lives of the monks of St. Bernard Abbey and the students attending St. Bernard Preparatory School.


The overall goal of this appeal for the current year is $400,000, which is divided between the Abbey and the School. This $200,000 from the Annual Appeal becomes a “hard number” in the budgets for the Abbey as well as for the School.


Because both Abbey and School are classified by the IRS as 501(c)3 institutes, donations made to the Annual Appeal are tax exempt.


The Annual Appeal follows the fiscal year, which begins July 1 st and closes on June 30th. A formal letter of appeal is published in November and sent to the alumni, friends and benefactors of St. Bernard. The generous response of our supporters makes possible the financial wellbeing of both St. Bernard Abbey and St. Bernard Preparatory School.