The alumni of St. Bernard include generations of men and women who have enrolled in our schools and received their education in the Benedictine tradition of ora et labora “pray and work”. While here, Bernardians build connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on our alumni and their legacy of generosity to us. St. Bernard continues in the work of educating today’s youth – one generation passing on the tradition to the next. In today’s mobile society, St. Bernard serves as a hub for our alumni and keeps them in touch with one another.

Each year, we offer an Alumni Reunion Weekend as a way of celebrating all those who went to school here. It is a time for our alumni to come home, reconnect, and share wonderful memories. Together with the support of our alumni, St. Bernard is always thriving and moving forward.

I’m an alum, but does my gift really make a difference?

Gifts made by our alumni to St. Bernard provide critical resources to support the operations of St. Bernard, hire and retain quality faculty and staff who maintain the educational excellence generations of alumni have experienced, and more. We rely on the generosity of all donors, especially alumni as the ambassadors of St. Bernard, to allow us the privilege to continue to educate and inspire young men and women. Or by perfect replica watches

A St. Bernard diploma is a passport to opening doors for a lifetime. Many of our alumni tell us that St. Bernard equipped them with the foundational tools for their success in college and life. The hallmark of a St. Bernard education is that it develops the whole student, aligned to our motto, in body, mind, and spirit: Corpus – Mens – Spiritus.

Your education was made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends that came long before you. We hope that you will give as generously as you are able. A true measure of the commitment and loyalty to one’s alma mater is the extent to which one is willing to support it. Making a gift demonstrates appreciation for and investment in St. Bernard.

Give to provide current and future Bernardians with the experience you received. Give to inspire a culture of generosity in the next generation of alumni. Give to stay connected to your St. Bernard Family.


Reconnect with friends

There are several places you can go on the internet to reconnect with long-lost buddies. Visit the sites below to join various alumni groups and catch up with old friends.

Let us hear from you!

Have an announcement to share? Job promotion? Graduating? Moving? We are always excited to hear from our alumni! Update your information below and share any details with us in the comment box. Contact the Development and Alumni Office at any time by calling (256) 739-6682.

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