Summer Appeal

Making St. Bernard a Better Place

Now for a quarter-century, the Summer Appeal has helped St. Bernard make significant progress in the expansion and upkeep of the wonderful heritage that is part of the St. Bernard experience. Each summer a specific project is undertaken to improve the campus, expand facilities, increase technology, and enhance programs.

The Summer Appeal has helped St. Bernard pave roads, repair dorms, build computer labs, install control access systems, create green spaces, upgrade internet and wi-fi systems, and most recently restore the Quad at the heart of our campus. Now in its 26th year, the Summer Appeal continues a legacy of success in making St. Bernard a better place. With a goal of $150,000 and your support, the Summer Appeal will support a spectrum of projects that are urgently needed to improve St. Bernard’s infrastructure and experiences for our monks, students, and guests.

2023 Project Support

Examples of projects to be supported by this year’s Summer Appeal include:

  • Campus Security upgrade – This summer we will focus on installing cameras in school halls, stairwells and exterior walkways. Protective film will also be installed on the windows to secure students, teachers and staff from external threats.
  • Additional sidewalk lighting – Lighting will be installed on dark sidewalks on campus interior.
  • Landscaping to control erosion – Heavy rains have necessitated some additional landscaping to control erosion.