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Your IRA can change lives at St. Bernard. Support St. Bernard students with a tax-wise gift.

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QCD stands for Qualified Charitable Distribution. It lets you direct donations from your IRA (age 70 ½+) to support charitable causes like St. Bernard. Bypass income taxes on your gift!

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1. Maximize your giving to St. Bernard

2. Simplify your charitable contributions

3. See your support have a direct impact on our mission

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Contact our development team for personalized guidance on making an IRA QCD. Help us shape the future of Catholic education!

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More Impact, Less Taxes: The Power of IRA Giving
Over 70½ with an IRA? You can make a difference for St. Bernard. Turn your IRA into a source of income and charitable impact! New laws about QCDs (Qualified Charitable Distributions) allow tax-smart giving options for those 70½ and older. Other options for donating from your IRA are now possible, as well. Contact us to discover the benefits for you and our mission.
Age 70½+, financially secure and want to support your favorite cause?
Donate straight from your IRA – no taxes on the gift!
Your generosity goes directly towards making a difference for St. Bernard.
  • Reduce Your Taxable Income

    Donate directly from your IRA to St. Bernard Prep School and the amount transferred won’t be counted as taxable income, potentially lowering your tax bill.

  • Fulfill Your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

    QCDs offer a tax-savvy way to satisfy your annual RMD (which begins at age 73). You can transfer up to $105,000 (or $210,000 per couple) from your IRA directly to St. Bernard Prep.

  • Make a Lasting Impact

    A QCD is a powerful way to directly support St. Bernard Prep’s mission. Your gift ensures that students have access to a quality education rooted in Benedictine values, with benefits like scholarships, improved facilities, and exceptional teachers.

Tax-Smart IRA QCD Giving in a Nutshell
  • QCD donations make it possible to donate more, while at the same time letting you save money on your taxes.
  • QCDs are excluded from taxable income.
  • Itemizing is not required to recieve the tax benefit.
  • You can donate up to $100,000 per year.
  • Your QCD can count toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
Another Way to Donate From Your IRA

Making a QCD is just one of two new tax-smart ways to donate from your IRA. The other way is equally as easy: you can extend your legacy of support for St. Bernard Prep School for years to come by simply naming St. Bernard Prep as a beneficiary of your IRA account. This will ensure that future students benefit from the school’s mission.

How It Works

  • Update Your Beneficiary Form: Contact your IRA custodian and request a beneficiary designation form. Name St. Bernard Prep School as a beneficiary, designating either a specific percentage or the remaining balance of your IRA.
  • Benefits to You and St. Bernard: IRA assets transferring directly to a charitable organization avoid income tax that would apply if left to individual heirs. This maximizes the value of your gift for St. Bernard’s students.
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy: Help shape the future of St. Bernard Prep by creating opportunities for students to succeed within the Benedictine tradition.

Important Notes

  • Consult Your Advisor: Discuss this option with your financial advisor for guidance on how it fits within your overall estate plan.
  • Contact St. Bernard: Please notify St. Bernard Prep if you include them as a beneficiary so we can express our gratitude for your planned gift.
Information for Beneficiary Designation